Karen Smith-Tschumy

Statement and Biography

Karen Smith is an artist residing in Westminster, Colorado.




I am a contemporary still life and landscape painter. I work playfully in a variety of mediums, most often oil paint. I am inspired by the magestic mountains where we live.


I am currently working on a series of still life flower paintings in rememberance of those we have lost to the CoVid19 pandemic and a celebration of life for those who have served them. 




About the Artist

I grew up in Northern Virginia and loved to draw and paint from early childhood. I studied graphic design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design (BFA) in Washington, DC and Weiterbildung für Grafik at the Kuntsgewerberschule in Basel, Switzerland. I worked professionally as a graphic designer and art director before going to Basel for graduate school. After grad school I worked professionally as a creative director and project manager for a boutique design studio in Zug, Switzerland and then had the amazing opportunity to travel extensively in India.


I'm so thankful for many excellent art teachers including Wolgang Weingart, Peter Olpe, Jordan Wolfson, Mark Daniel Nelson. I'm also deeply grateful to Garchen Rinpoche.


My husband Laurent Tschumy and I moved to Colorado from Switzerland in 2005 and we love the Rocky Mountains and the rich, ever-changing landscape. Laurent is also an artist and we are both students of art history. We live in Westminster with our sweet giant dog, little cockapoo and blind kitty.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my painting practice.






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